IN 2019 Dairy Australia launched the Dairy Matters 'Manifesto' campaign with the objective of building community trust by reinforcing the industry sustainability commitments: enhancing livelihoods, improving wellbeing, best care for animals and reducing environmental impact.
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Dairy Australia plans new phase in Dairy Manifesto sustainability campaign

Dairy Australia marketing manager Glenys Zucco said as the industry made progress against its sustainability commitments, it was important it continued to tell that story and demonstrate that it understood community expectations.

“Our insights tell us that improving health and wellbeing and reducing environmental impact are what’s most important to our community, so this year we are launching Manifesto 2.0, where these two commitments and the actions we are taking will be a key focus,” Ms Zucco said

“The recognisable voice of dairy ambassador Jonathan Brown features as our narrator for the campaign, where our overarching message is about Australian dairy’s sustainability promise. A promise to protect what matters most.”

Although 21 million Australians enjoy dairy foods every day and milk is in 98 per cent of households, nine out of 10 people are not consuming the recommended daily intake of milk, cheese and yogurt.

To encourage consumption and drive home the role of dairy foods in a healthy balanced diet, the campaign will leverage the fractures trial research published last year, as well as new data that says Australians are unaware of just how many serves they should be consuming per day.

Health messages and resources including posters for clinics will also be delivered to health professionals to ensure they feel confident to recommended dairy consumption and respond to health-related questions or concerns from the community.

The campaign will also communicate environmental messages and the progress dairy is making across the supply chain, focusing on topics of community interest including water use, packaging, biodiversity and commitments to achieving net zero emissions.

The campaign is being delivered across TV, digital and social media, with a particular focus on our younger Australians via podcast partnerships and the development of content for TikTok and YouTube.

With both health and environment proving to be critical topics in the minds of the younger generation, TikTok creates an exciting opportunity to tell the dairy story in a way that is authentic and engaging.

Globally, consumers can’t get enough of the quality and taste of American dairy products. Foreign exports of American dairy are twice the volume of the nation’s domestic dairy consumption. Last year, about 18% of U.S. dairy production was exported, and economists forecast that percentage to grow more than 25% in 2023.

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