Consumer expectations of the food industry are changing with an increasing focus on the environmental impact of food production.
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One of the images used in the environmental campaign.

Research shows that Australians are changing their eating habits to lessen their impact on the environment.

More than a third of Australians claim to have changed their eating and drinking habits over the past 12 months to be more sustainable, with health and the environment being key influences.

To address these concerns and help improve trust and acceptance of the Australian dairy industry, Dairy Australia delivered an online ‘environment campaign’ from November 2020 to February 2021, targeting highly engaged, socially conscious consumers.

The campaign communicated the environmental commitments and associated goals identified in the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework, with a focus on the areas that resonate with this consumer group, including wildlife and forest preservation, environmentally friendly packaging, water conservation and reduction of emissions.

The campaign was delivered through digital display advertising, video content and paid articles across The Guardian and The Australian websites, featuring farmer and processor case-studies to demonstrate tangible actions the industry is taking.

Dairy Australia communications strategy adviser Amber Beaumont said that dairy farmers were a trusted source of information for the public, so it was important to share their stories and demonstrate what creating more sustainable dairy farms and a greener future looked like in practice.

Australian dairy farmers supplying milk to Fonterra could become part-owners of the co-operative’s business across the Tasman.

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