Two of the major dairies in the United States have recently filed for bankruptcy protection.
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The largest milk producer of the nation which is Dean Foods had filed for the bankruptcy in the month of November. Borden is one more producer of milk which has recently filed for bankruptcy.

There were interviews which had been conducted with a Long Grove farmer who is engaged in dairy farming and how it has affected the business that he has been carrying out. This was done in a meeting being conducted on Tuesday of the local farmers.

The farmer whose name is Jean Newell is a farmer from the area of Long Grove and has been for many years farming as a business.

He has said that there were fewer people who were now drinking the milk of the cow and have been beginning to switch to substitutes like the almond milk instead of the conventional animal-based option.

Newell has said that it is a tough period to be in however he is not going to be in it for too long.

Newell has said that it is very hard to be optimistic but he felt that it was a farmer thing to never be pessimistic. He has however said that it is much easier to be saying that at the time for him as he is at the fag end of his career in farming.

He also added that the products such as cheese have been doing well but the problem is that milk is not being drunk by people causing the businesses to file for the bankruptcy protection. He mentions that it is fluid milk which is specifically not doing well.

The moods of many dairy producers have been boosted by the first quarter performance of their dairy. With significantly higher milk check prices year-over-year, most dairies are making profitable margins according to Trent Dado, independent dairy nutrition and management consultant with GPS Consulting.

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