Non-profit organization, Dairy Cares of Wisconsin, has raised $450,000 on behalf of the Children’s Wisconsin health system during this year’s campaign.
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Not only does that figure represent the single-best year ever in Dairy Care’s 12-year fundraising history, but it also brought the organization’s lifetime total over the $2 million milestone — it now stands at $2.3 million, to be precise.

“Our organizing committee, volunteers, sponsors and donors are all united by the mission and vision of Children’s,” said Jim Ostrom, Dairy Cares committee chairman. “Year after year, their hard-work and generosity expand the pediatric care options for families facing unimaginable medical challenges.”

Since 2010, Dairy Cares has united dairy industry professionals, other agricultural leaders, affiliated industries, and like-minded individuals who support the groundbreaking medical advancements and efforts of Children’s.

This year’s recently concluded campaign combined “virtual” fundraising components developed during the pandemic concurrently with Dairy Cares’ traditional in-person Garden Party. “In essence, we ran two campaigns,” Ostrom said, adding, “Regardless of whether they gave via their smart phone, laptop or in person, our donors’ generosity continues to surprise and inspire us.”

Individuals interested in supporting Children’s Wisconsin can still pitch in if they have a smart phone.

• Text DAIRY22 to 76278

• Select the “Donate” option

• Select or enter the donation/payment amount

• Complete the user profile when the system prompts

“The continued support of Dairy Cares ensures providers at Children’s Wisconsin are trained to give kids across the state the very best care,” said Meg Brzyski Nelson, president, Children’s Wisconsin Foundation.. “We are so grateful for the generosity of the committee and their engaged community at this year’s event – what an amazing accomplishment raising over $450,000 for the kids and families of Wisconsin!”

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