A dairy farm in southern Utah County lost thousands of pounds of hay during a Sunday morning fire.
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Hundreds of tons of hay burn at Elberta Dairy on Sunday, November 21, 2021. (Utah County Fire Marshal)

The Utah County Fire Marshal says Elberta Dairy is now without roughly 400 tons of hay. While the cause remains under investigation, the fire marshal says it may have been caused by a wet stack of hay.

“Did you know that excessive moisture is the most common cause of hay fires? Spontaneous combustion is always a possibility with stored hay, particularly if hay was baled too wet or too green,” the marshal explains.

The Utah County Fire Marshal shared these photos, seen in the slideshow below, of the hay fire. Flames can be seen eating at the hay bales as smoke billows skyward.

In early August, another fire destroyed numerous bales in Elberta.

In that fire the fire marshal estimates 1,000 tons of hay were burning.

Highway closures force Okanagan dairy farmers to dump milk as it can’t get to Coast for processing.

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