If you’ve been following along with us the past few days, you’d know the plight of ranchers calving during the storm. Dairy farmers also have their own set of challenges, but it doesn’t have to do with keeping their cattle warm and dry.
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Dean Karsky is a dairy farmer west of Dickinson who says he has enough barn space for his cows. The issue is the roads are too snow-packed for the milkman to get his product. Because of this, he’s had to dump thousands of pounds of milk, which impacts his bottom line.

“We’ve already dumped 11,000 pounds of milk down the drain. Today’s market, that’s about $2,750 we just dumped down the drain. With the high feed cost and labor and everything else, you can’t afford to be dumping everything down the drain,” said Karsky.

Right now, Karsky says he still has plenty of milk left. The good news is he says roads are getting cleared and the milkman will be able to get to him soon. In the meantime, he says he can’t start milking until the tanks are emptied because he simply can’t afford it.

Did you know that some chewing gums contain dairy products?

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