Neighbors in the Cincinnatus area, in Cortland county, have been without power since early Tuesday morning after a snowstorm. One of those residents is Jonathan Waltz who owns a dairy farm in Freetown.
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Waltz said he’s been without power since Monday night after some wind knocked it out. He’s been running a generator through his tractor, since. “It holds 20 gallons of fuel that burns four gallons an hour and I have to keep chasing fuel to it.” When we asked how much he’s spent, Waltz answered, “My guess is like $800 so far.”

He says he has watched his generator for about 18-20 hours a day because that’s how he keeps his farm going. “Well the water pump, the vacuum pump to milk the cows, the wash system, the cooling of the milk, everything is electric.”

The Cincinnatus Volunteer Fire Department is cleaning up four days after the storm and they’re also making sure the community gets what it needs. “It was quite dark around here, but for us helping people out we had dry ice and it’s still available, we opened up the fire station for a warming station, and come and get something to eat if need be,” said Chief Jeff Peck.

Waltz said he just wants his power back. “It sucks for anybody to not have power but when you’re taking care of 100 and some animals, you have to rely on your own equipment instead of NYSEG’s.”

Australians are being warned of another price hike, with the cost of milk set to go up.

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