Milk just got so much more exciting with Dairy Farmers Classic releasing three limited edition chocolate milk flavours: choc-mint, chocolate chip cookie, and in an Australian-first, RUBY chocolate (which looks as pretty as it sounds).
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So. Many. Choc. Milks.

With not one, not two, but THREE new flavours hitting shelves, we honestly don’t know which one we’ll try first. We think the chocolate chip cookie flavour, inspired by delicious chocolate and biscuits will be our first stop. Or maybe the choc-mint milk, which sports a fresh, moreish flavour combination (you already know we love our choc-mint pairings here at

But the brand new Ruby Chocolate is the most intriguing of them all. Inspired by the relatively newly-discovered Ruby Chocolate, the choc milk pairs fresh Aussie milk with a velvety ruby chocolate flavour, with hints of berry and the smooth and creamy taste. And yes, it’s PINK!

If you’re now craving a tall glass of chocolate milk, here’s where you can find them:

For mint chocolate and Ruby Chocolate fans, you’re in luck because you can get your hands on these flavours in the coming week in supermarkets across Australia. Chocolate chip lovers, lock the 18 May in your diaries because that’s when the choc-chip cookie flavour is hitting the shelves!

Australians are being warned of another price hike, with the cost of milk set to go up.

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