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Australia |29 junio, 2020

Dairy farmers | Dairy Farmers promotes the free range credentials of its A2 Goodness line

Dairy Farmers is showing Australians exactly where its new A2 Goodness milk range comes from in its launch campaign.

At the forefront of the campaign is a cow roaming its pasture with a chicken as it’s companion, transferring the meaning of free range, most commonly associated with chickens, to the cows producing A2 milk.

The campaign, from AJF GrowthOps, launches across Australia today and will appear on TV and online.

Lion Dairy & Drinks marketing and innovation director, Darryn Wallace, said: “We’re excited to bring Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness to the Australian market from milk that is sourced entirely from Australian farms with pasture raised, free roaming cows.

“We know how popular A2 protein milk is, so it’s a natural fit for our iconic Dairy Farmers brand to offer consumers greater choice.”

AJF Growth Ops executive creative director, Adam Francis, added: “Our team was impressed when we found out that Dairy Farmers A2 Goodness came from pasture raised, free roaming cows, and we thought Australian consumers would also appreciate knowing this so we’ve looked to celebrate it in this new campaign.

“It made our task pretty simple and fun, giving us the freedom to create an unexpected relationship between a dairy cow and a hen who are free to roam the same wide-open paddocks.”

The new A2 Goodness range is available in two litre full cream and lite bottles and a probiotic variety. A chocolate flavour of the A2 Goodness milk was released in May.


Client: Lion Dairy & Drinks

Agency: AJF GrowthOps
Executive Creative Director: Adam Francis
Creative Director: George Freckleton
Senior Art Director: Ed Carveth
Senior Copywriter: Brent Liebenberg
Strategy Director: Jill Cummins
Group Account Director: Xavier Hogan
Senior Account Manager: Nina Roslan
Head of TV Production: Roz Ruwhiu
Music & Sound: Dave Gaylard (GrowthOps Brisbane)

Production Company: Guilty
Director: Tony Rogers
Producer: Jason Byrne
Line Producer: Victoria Schaw

Director of Photography: Aaron Farrugia

Animal Wrangler: Clint Dodd

Editor: Tim Parrington
Colourist: Martin Greer
Visual effects: Jamie Scott

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