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New Zealand |12 octubre, 2020

Dairy farmers | Dairy farmers rise to the challenge

A new campaign, Rise and Shine, shares what makes Kiwi dairy farmers tick – and why.

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle says the Rise and Shine campaign launched this week shares the story of New Zealand dairy farmers as they lead the world in sustainable farming.

«New Zealand dairy has a great story to tell and we are seeing that realised through public sentiment, with 73 percent of people recently surveyed being favourable toward dairy farmers,» said Dr Mackle.

«This is tremendous recognition for farmers playing a key role right now – dually supporting our economic recovery post-Covid while shifting how their day-to-day business operates to further deliver for environment, animals and people.»

Survey results also show a marked increase in overall positivity in the last six months – with 62 percent of the public feeling positive toward New Zealand’s dairy sector.

«Overall, research is telling us the public are feeling good about dairy – our farmers are inspiring young Kiwis, contributing to communities and are an attractive career option. This is great recognition.»

Dr Mackle said New Zealand’s dairy farmers have made great strides in environmental initiatives and it’s important to champion them as they commit to do even more.

«The emissions created from every glass of New Zealand milk are less than half the global average. Our farmers are shifting toward increasingly sustainable systems. It’s a big challenge – securing farm systems which are profitable, while minimising footprint,» says Dr Mackle.

«Right now, DairyNZ’s Step Change programme is underway to support farmers with climate change and water quality goals. It will help farmers reduce greenhouse gases, improve water and maintain profitable businesses.

«The world is changing and dairy is moving with it. Our farmers are on the journey, but we want to continue raising the bar to maintain our position as world leading farmers,» said Dr Mackle.

«Kiwi dairy farmers have a long and proud history of innovation – rising to challenges, and it is in those moments they shine.»

Check out New Zealand’s world-leading dairy farmers at the Rise and Shine campaign: www.riseandshine.nz

New Zealand dairy – by the numbers

New Zealand produces 3 percent of all milk in the world.

98.3% of New Zealand waterways have dairy cattle excluded.

New Zealand’s dairy sector employs around 50,000 people.

Emissions created from every glass of New Zealand milk are less than half the global average.

Dairy farming contributed 34 percent ($19.7b) of goods exported by New Zealand in the year to June 2020.

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