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Starting a dairy farming business in RURAL AREA is a profitable business idea. It is common question of   “How to Start a Dairy farming business ’’?
Why dairy farming business.
There are lot of reason to start a dairy farming business .
⦁   Dairy farming business is an eco-friendly business ideas.
⦁    You can apply for loan in against of dairy farm.
⦁    To start a dairy farm you and your family get solvency.
⦁    It is great opportunities for unemployed people who are searching a job. Dairy farming business is thousand times better than a job.
⦁    You can play an important role in the total milk production.
How to start a dairy farming business.
Business plan: There is no option to start a business without business plan. In general a successful business plan can help you to get success in any kind of business. Dairy farming is a serious business. Before starting dairy farming business, you should have proper concept about dairy farm. Write a business plan about dairy farm include what is you want to do.
Visit other dairy farm: I suggest you that, you should visit minimum 5 dairy farm. It is very important steps to start a dairy farm. Talk with others how they doing this business. Ask them how they do it. You should try analyze every event of a dairy farm.
Select a location for your farm: It is another important steps to start a dairy farm. Housing and location should be in rural area. When you choose a location you also keep in mind that how you arrange feed. It is better to choose a big area so that your cow can move one place to another place.
Choose a cow breed for your dairy farm: Choosing a cow breed is hardest job to start a dairy farm. There are many kind of cow breeds are available in our Country. Some famous cow breeds Ayrshire, Holstein, jersey, Ayrshire, Guernsey ,etc. I suggest you talk to  a farmer who are already doing dairy farming business.
Feeding: Try to produce green food to get more milk. Along regular food provide clean and fresh water.
Management: As I mention earlier it is a serious business. To avoid risk you should take care and proper management of your dairy farm. You should make stocks proper medicines and other equipment.
Marketing: Marketing of your dairy farm is not a big problem. Contract some shops and also dairy companies that process milk.
Possible costing: It is difficult to say that how much you need to start a dairy farm. Costing is depend on how large your farm is. To start a dairy farm with 5 cows approximately you need atleast ksh 150,000 for calves, mature you will need above half a million.
Possible earning: Dairy farming business is a profitable business ideas. If you can run your business successfully 50 thousands can be earn in a month with 2/3 cows and with 5 cows around 100 thousand. Again it is depend how large your farm is.
Problem to start a dairy farm : The main problem is lack of knowledge. Without proper planning it is hard to start dairy farm. Feeding cost is quit high for this business but if you can provide nature food then it will be easy for you.
Every business have advantage and also disadvantage. On an average dairy farming business is a profitable business ideas.
Best of luck for your success.

We have turned the page to a new year. While 2022 has begun, we are still dealing with many of the same challenges that have been with us longer than we care to remember.

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