The dairy industry is calling on the major supermarkets to immediately increase the price of milk in response to the bushfire crisis.
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On RN Breakfast with Cathy Van Extel.

Dairy farmers in Victoria and on the New South Wales south coast have been badly hit by the bushfires with thousands of litres poured down the drain and extensive losses on many farms.

The dairy industry says federal and state government help is needed but the supermarkets must lift the milk price to at least a $1.50 per litre to prevent an exodus of farmers.

In a statement Coles says it’s been sourcing Own Brand fresh milk directly from farmers in Victoria and parts of NSW – none of these farmers have been directly impacted by the fires however the company is in regular contact with them and will provide further assistance if required.

Woolworths also provided a statement saying it’s been in contact with the supermarket’s dairy processor in New South Wales, who sources milk from farmers on the South Coast, to seek updates on the impact of the fires.

Once they have a full assessment of the situation, they’ll discuss how to work with the processor to provide support.

Aldi provided statement pointing to a retail milk price rise in July last year.

Guest: David Inall, CEO, Australian Dairy Farmers
Producer: Cathy Van Extel

Wisconsin dairies were among National Mastitis Council’s “cream of the crop” for producing quality milk during its Feb. 2 National Dairy Quality Awards program.

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