The Dairy Farmers of Canada have mixed feelings about this week's funding announcement from Ottawa.
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Dairy industry remains concerned over CUSMA

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau re-confirmed Ottawa’s commitment to compensate the Supply Management sector over the Canada, U-S, Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

Bibeau says $1.7 billion dollars will be shared by dairy, poultry, egg producers and processors impacted by CUSMA.

That money will be delivered through direct payments and investment programs.

David Wiens, Vice President of the Dairy Farmers of Canada says they would just as soon not have had to give up any markets at all.

“Because, of course, this trade deal goes on into, you know, it’s a continuous thing. So we’ll never get those markets back that we lost. But certainly, we appreciate the the recognition of damage done in this trade deal by our federal government.”

He notes they remain concerned by what was given up in the CUSMA deal.

“The US has oversight into our dairy policies in Canada, which is a very new, dynamic factor in a trade agreement. You know, we’re simply not allowed to compete against them in any markets that they are in around the world. But on top of that, if we make any changes to our dairy policies. The Americans will have oversight into that, that of course, is very concerning for us because we believe that there’s Canadian sovereignty given up in this trade agreement as well.”

You can hear Glenda-Lee’s conversation with David Wiens the Vice President of the Dairy Farmers of Canada by clicking the link below.

Standing in a field surrounded by dairy cows was not the way Christy Underwood imagined her life would go.

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