The latest stats on milk supply show a tightening milk supply, which is part of the reasons for the firm and strengthening milk prices.
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Olympic gold boxing medallist Kellie Harrington and Minister Charlie McConalogue on World School Milk Day 2021. Kellie was also in Moorepark to present the NDC/Kerrygold Quality Milk Award. Kellie beat global competitors and now global milk supply is dropping also.

The latest milk supply numbers have just been updated by the EU central body and it shows that New Zealand milk production is actually back for August (the most recent  available supply numbers).

New Zealand milk supply really kicks off in August and the numbers are back 2.4% on the same period in 2020.

In August 2021, supply was 1.397 billion litres and the previous year it was 1.468 billion litres.

Australia has a much flatter milk supply profile and supply is back there as well. It’s back 3.6%, from 736m litres to 711m litres for the month.

The lift in US milk has slowed also and it’s back to only 1.1% ahead of the year previous. All year it was running 4%, 3% and 2% ahead. However, now it’s back to 1.1% ahead.

In August, it was 8.546 billion litres versus 8.451 the year previous.

These three countries are big players in the milk game. It helps stack up why prices are holding and improving.

Farmers say no relief is in sight.

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