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New Zealand |13 agosto, 2019

Milk | Dairy me! Milk kegs take on plastic containers

A keg may help solve the problem of reducing plastic milk containers from the country’s cafes.

Enter the team from Spout Alternatives: Jo Mohan, 22, and Luka Licul, 18, from Dunedin, and Nick Jackson, 23, from Christchurch.

The trio met at the youth business accelerator Venture Up in Wellington in February, and started working on the idea of creating a milk dispensing system for cafes.

Jo Mohan and Luke Licul, of Spout Alternatives, explain their milk delivery system.

What they came up with was using 10 litre stainless steel kegs – popular with home brewers – filled with milk sourced from a local dairy farm.

Not only do the kegs keep the milk cool, they also reduce five 2ltr plastic containers from entering the recycling stream.

Fast-forward six months and they are ready to launch, after a successful trial with a Dunedin cafe using the kegs and milk dispensing system.

«We want to establish in Dunedin, and then go from city to city,» Licul, who is studying Law and Commerce at Otago University, said.

Teething issues included Licul once turning up to a meeting at a dairy farm in a suit, and a cafe left in a puddle of milk «for a couple of hours».

«I had to miss a couple of classes after that one.»

A single Spout keg eliminates five plastic milk bottles every time it's used ♻️🥛Not to mention our kegs can be used over and over for years 🙌#circulareconomy #milk #coffee #dunedin #spoutalternatives #plasticfree

Posted by Spout Alternatives on Friday, August 2, 2019

At present the trio sourced milk from the Dunedin jersey dairy farm, Holy Cow. Mohan said that because those cows produced creamier milk it had to be decanted from a bottle into a jug, before a barista steamed it.

However the move to the keg system eliminating decanting. «The feedback from the barista is that it is easier, and quicker.»

The trio are also exploring other milk alternatives, and are in talks with other cafes, suppliers and potential partners.

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