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Dairy industry | Dairy products to become 15-20% more expensive in fall – Expert

The rise of prices for dairy products for consumers this fall will amount to 15-20% in connection with rising prices of feed and the growth of utility tariffs, reduction in production, and the rise in prices for these products on the the world market, the press service of the Association of Milk Producers reported citing an analyst Yana Muzychenko as saying.

According to the report, from mid-August to mid-September, the purchase price for extra class milk increased by 6% to UAH 6.16 per kg, and for milk from private households – by 2%, to UAH 3.15 per kg.

«Three main factors affected the rise of prices: the recovery of the global milk market, decline in production and increased cost… Considering all of the above-mentioned facts, the prices of dairy products for consumers this autumn could grow by 15-20%,» the press service quoted Muzychenko as saying.

According to the report, the stabilization of the global dairy market is reflected in the bids at Global Dairy Trade, where a steadily growing trend has been recorded since early August. In addition, experts note a steady demand for dairy products. Read also Food prices climb to a 15-month high

Muzychenko noted a 2% reduction in milk production in Ukraine in Jan-Aug 2016 (amounting to 7.2 mln tonnes) compared to the same period last year. This was due to the reduction of livestock. In addition, experts expect the traditional reduction of productivity of cows during the autumn-winter period.

The growth of milk production costs is due to the rise in price of feed and the increase in utility tariffs, especially for electricity.

«In addition, despite the fact that farmers pay excise duties for road maintenance, there are many restrictions on their use. Milkmen are banned from transporting their products in daytime, besides the payload is limited to 20 tonnes per truck. As a result, these restrictions contribute to a rise in prices,» said Muzychenko.

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to experts, this fall, a carton of a 2.5% fat milk will cost UAH 16.20 per kilo, kefir – nearly UAH 21 per kg, 82% butter – UAH 155-160 per kg, and spread (72.5%) – UAH 67-70 per kg.

As predicted by the head of the board of the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine, Vadym Chaharovsky, milk supplies to the Ukrainian processing enterprises in 2016 will decrease compared to 2015 by 7-9%, amounting to 4.2-4.3 million tonnes.


Source: UNIAN

Link:  http://www.unian.info/economics/1539847-dairy-products-to-become-15-20-more-expensive-in-fall-expert.html

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