The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that dairy farmers received $790 million in Coronavirus Financial Assistance Program 2 benefit thus far.
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Milk tankers sitting outside the dairy barns. ( Mike Roemer )

Wisconsin dairy farmers received more than 20% of that assistance, coming in at $176 million. There were 4,025 approved applications for dairy assistance in Wisconsin, averaging $43,726 per farm. California had 441 dairy farmers with approved applications, totaling almost $92 million ($208,163 per farm). New York dairy farmers received $87.6 million, with 1,624 approved applicant receiving $53,940 per farm.

USDA reports it has shelled out more than $7.6 billion in CFAP 2 total payments. A total of 443,126 farm applicants were approved for these payments. The average payment for all farms was $17,151 per farm.

Iowa received the most total CFAP 2 payments, at nearly $777 million. (The bulk of Iowa’s total came in acreage-based payments of just under $500 million. Iowa dairy farmers received just $26 million.) Wisconsin received a total of $377 million in CFAP 2 payments, which means dairy payments made up 47% of that total.

USDA is continuing to accept and process CFAP 2 applications. The deadline for applying is December 11, 2020.

You can view all of the CFAP 2 payments as of Oct. 25 here.

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