Milk futures are continuing to show some strength with butter jumping more than 15 cents one day last week.
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(Photo: Rebecca Miller, AP)

Class III milk futures also showing some strength with May milk moving above the $12 per cwt. amount. That’s up more than 40 cents. June and July last week also finished limit up. Class IV milk moved limit higher in several months. May was up 12 cents to $10.62.

Farm Journal’s Milk Business saying that government programs are driving buyers to the cash cheese and butter trade.

Wisconsin is joining USDA and California in not collecting dairy checkoff money on dumped milk due to lower demand because of the pandemic. Wisconsin officials made the announcement last week saying it would not be retroactive.

It will apply to any dumped milk going forward until the President ends the federal major disaster declaration. USDA announced in late April it would not collect the 5 cent per cwt. national dairy assessment. State and regional dairy checkoff groups received the other dime.

Farmers say no relief is in sight.

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