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New Zealand |1 noviembre, 2018

DairyNZ | DairyNZ AGM – ‘It’s still a good time to be a dairy farmer’

DairyNZ held its AGM yesterday in Invercargill and one message was very clear says Jim van der Poel.

«It’s still a good time to be a dairy farmer».

The DairyNZ chair took time out from a lunch of meat pies and «lots of dairy products» to speak to The Country Early Edition’s Rowena Duncum about the AGM.

There was much discussion around the key highlights for the busy 2017/18 year, including issues the dairy industry is facing, such as climate change, water quality, staffing issues and Mycoplasma bovis.

Although there are challenges for the industry, Van der Poel says DairyNZ wanted to deliver a clear message to its farmers.

«Giving farmers confidence that this is still a great industry, with a great future … there’s still a lot of good things about this industry.»

Also in today’s interview: Jim van der Poel welcomes two new directors to DairyNZ’s Board of Directors, Dr Jacqueline Rowarth and Jo Coughlan, and takes a look at what’s ahead for the dairy sector.

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