The domestic milk intake for June 2022 was down 0.6% compared to the same month in 2021, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).
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The total June 2022 milk intake by creameries and processors is estimated at just over 1 billion litres (1,060.6 million).

In June 2021, this figure was 1,067.3 million litres.

Milk intake for the six months, January to June 2022, was estimated at 4,643.3 million litres, a decrease of 29.8 million litres (-0.6%) when compared to the corresponding period for 2021.

Domestic milk intake – 2021 and 2022

But fat content increased from 3.97% in June 2021 to 3.98 % in June 2022, while protein content decreased from 3.47% to 3.46% for the same period.

Skim milk powder production increased by 32.7% from 19,300 tonnes in June 2021 to 25,700 tonnes in June 2022.

Butter production decreased from 31,500 tonnes in June 2021 to 29,200 tonnes in June 2022.

Milk statistics

Meanwhile, the latest Milk Price Tracker – brought to you by Agriland and the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) – has shown that milk prices continue to rise for the month of June.

Of the 14 co-ops featured in the price tracker, all have exceeded the 0.53c/L price (based on 3.3% protein, 3.6% fat, including VAT and bonusses).

The majority are paying 0.55c/L currently.

The South Island dairy company Synlait Milk is back in the black as its ingredients division saw higher than normal sales, while its major customer rebalanced inventory levels.

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