Cousins Doug Wyatt and Brad Teese know a thing or two about dairying as their families have been farming in the Scenic Rim for four generations and now they have added the Tamrookum Dairy and Scenic Rim 4Real milk processing plant, just south of Beaudesert to their portfolio.
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Cousins Doug Wyatt and Brad Teese have bought Tamrookum dairy and Scenic Rim 4Real milk processing plant, just south of Beaudesert from the third generation Dennis family.

The Tamrookum dairy was owned by third generation dairy farmers Ray and wife Rose, and his brother Darrell and wife Brenda Dennis.

This sale tells the story of two multi-generational farming families who have worked side-by-side for almost 100-years, passing the baton of a famed hilltop dairy from brothers to cousins.

The 149-hectare 4Real Tamrookum dairy farm and milk processing facility has been owned by the Dennis family since the 1930s and run most recently by Ray, Darrell, Rose, Brenda and Darrell’s son Greg.

The passing of the farm gate keys means the Scenic Rim 4Real Dairy stays a family affair, and that’s the way Doug and Brad said it should be.

“4Real Dairy needed to stay in the hands of real dairy farmers,” Brad Teese said

“Local dairy farmers who understand heritage farming, and the importance of continuity of breeding, producing, processing and product branding. Dairy farmers who love what they do and continue to do it through all the challenges that face this industry.

“We believe in producing minimally processed, fresh, unhomogenised milk; milk with cream on the top like we all grew up with.

“This is why taking on the 4Real Dairy is so exciting and humbling for us – we can continue to develop the market, keep educating people about the importance of real milk and keep family heritage dairying alive.”

The 4Real Dairy is a leader in its field, with four Lely robotic units introduced in 2010 as the first system of its kind in Queensland, and shortly after a full milk processing facility completed onsite.

The facility was built and run jointly by the Dennis family and their nephews and niece, Geoff and wife Karen Gear brother Tony and wife Kerri Gear with the boys sister Katrina and husband Graham Ironside.

The sale includes the freehold land over three titles, water allocation, the Holstein herd of cows, plus plant and equipment for both the farm and milk processing facility, four residences, a new 100 x 20m loafing barn for 400 cattle and various other sheds and machinery.

The farm is currently milking approximately 180 cows a day and is processing onsite full cream and lactose free un-homogenised, pasteurised only milk.

4Real milk also markets its own brand of cheese and yoghurt; all are currently distributed through more than 300 retailers, including Woolworths and IGA.

The Tamrookum dairy will also be amalgamating the herd of 160 milking cows from the fifth generation Teese farm Lyndith currently managed by Brad’s son Liam, who will carry on managing the combined herd at Tamrookum Dairy.

Doug and Brad have already purchased three more Lely robots, two of which will be installed immediately to the milking parlour at Tamrookum Dairy with plans for the seventh to be installed after an extension to the parlour has been completed.

“Cow health and comfort is very important to us, that’s why the additional robots are paramount,” Brad said.

“With the Teese farm free of milking cows this allows us to create ‘Heifer Heaven’, where the young females will be reared under the watchful eye of our Nutritionist, Vet and every team member of Tamrookum Dairy.

“This way we can ensure that our future herd has the best care, love, feed and attention that we can provide.

“There is also another runoff farm at Undullah where our heifers will be joined at the correct age and weight and will continue to grow on lush, irrigated pastures until they join the milking herd back at Tamrookum Dairy.”

Doug and Brad said the legacy of the Dennis family would remain on the farm as both Ray, the oldest brother with his wife Rose, will stay living in the house they moved in to when they got married.

“Ray will still have a very active role with the day-to-day operation of Tamrookum Dairy and we expect frequent visits from Darrell and his wife Brenda because …. once a farmer always a farmer!! This family has worked harmoniously all their married lives, two families working as one with the greatest respect for each other. It’s such a credit to the family and their legacy.”

The agent for the sale was Daniel Bukowski from C1 Realty in Beaudesert.

Two more local dairies are getting out after another tough year.

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