There were 453 head yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. Heavy feeders and secondary cattle were easier to last week's strong rates, while all other descriptions held firm.
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Theresa Knight, Glen Cairn, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $2300. Darren Tillack, Woodlands, sold a line of Limousin cows and calves for $2700 and Charbray cows for $1910. Ashley and Nicole Martin, Summerholm, sold a line of 20-month-old Charbray steers for $2010 and milk-tooth heifers for $1660. Andrew Lerch, Laidley Heights, sold 18 to 20-month-old Limousin and Droughtmaster steers for $2100, $1970 and $1940.

Crosby Family Trust, Laidley, sold a line of quality Droughtmaster steers, seven months, for $1400. George Miller, Mt Whitestone, sold a Brahman bull for $2100. Barry and Eileen Prior, Rockmount, sold pens of Friesian steers for $1560, $1540 and $1490. Alan Muirhead, Mt Whitestone, sold pens of Charolais cross steers for $1860 and $1705.

Ken Maguire, Ingoldsby, sold Droughtmaster steers, 18 to 20 months, for $1830. Daniel Turner, Derrymore, sold a line of South Devon steers for $1700. Langara Holdings, Mulgowie, sold a line of Hereford cross steers for $1750. Leon Manteufel, Marburg, sold a pen of Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1500.

Dan Speedy, West Haldon, sold a line of Charolais weaners, 12 to 14 months, with steers selling for $1550 and heifers $1510. Paul and Delmai Anderson, Hampton, sold lines of six to eight-month-old Angus male calves for $1210 and $1040. Shawn and Andrea Liyou, Laidley, sold Brangus cross males, 15 to 16 months, for $1300.

Iain Hannah, Laidley, sold Droughtmaster steers for $1910, milk-tooth heifers for $1540 and males for $1300. Michalex Rural, Rockmount, sold seven to eight-month-old Limousin steers for $1120. Collins Grazing, Anduramba, sold Charbray store calves, with steers making $960 and heifers $960.

Joe McGinley, West Haldon, sold eight to 10-month-old Angus males for $1360 and $1160. Brisbane Valley Protein, Coominya, sold lines of light feeder heifers with Droughtmasters making $1450, Charbrays $1410 and Brafords $1300.

Report reinforces progress across environmental impact, animal care nutrition and food security.

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