• Lechería Latina was born 15 years ago in the middle of a digital revolution which caused, in a short period of time, the creation of new languages and ways of thinking, along with shared content, social media and digital marketing.

  • With boldness and great effort, Lechería Latina managed to become the main focus in the Dairy Spanish-speaking sector.

  • Lecheria Latina: online business and information about the Dairy sector.

    We developed a platform of business and global content, implementing new tools for the dairy chain as a whole.

    The ones benefited the most with this bold idea were the users, receiving a greater quantity and a higher quality of information on Dairy Business and on opportunities that the Market offers.

  • Generation of new media for content of the dairy sector.

    It managed to break the paradigm of offline communications within the dairy sector by establishing a strategic objective: adapt the information, content, and the logic of this sector to the language and requirements of the world, generating new business opportunities.

  • Lechería Latina offered since its beginning 3 news portal, adapted into 3 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English). This idea of thrust and inclusive spirit helped to its global acceptance and acknowledgement.

  • Steady and sustained growth.

    During the year 2011 was established a protocol of intent with C&R Ingredentes, of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    In the year 2012, Proteínas del Sur, C.A. is founded in order to make a commercial base in Venezuela and continue to grow.

  • Doing business without borders.

    In the year 2013 we separate business from content. This way, the first e-commerce dairy begins.

    E-commerce, just like the news portals, is also translated into 3 languages so that all users can continue to benefit.

  • eDairyNews. The source of the dairy knowledge.

    From August 2016 the new portal is merged into a single and strong global brand: eDairyNews.

    Each site has relevant apps giving our communities information and opportunities to do dairy business.

  • Who makes use of eDairyNews?

    In eDairyNews we continue to provide information and content to the user so he can take advantage of it for his own and for his business sake, through a close relationship with: Governmental organisms, Chambers of Commerce, Milk Federations, Organizations of milk producers, Universities, Business Forums, Consulting Markets, Supermarkets, Consultants, Science and Technology Organisms.

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