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New Zealand dairy farmers have a vital role in New Zealand, they work every day to uphold New Zealand's reputation as the best dairy producers on earth.
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FARM SOURCE/SUPPLIED Part of Kiwi farmers' success is to surround themselves with people who have their back.

It’s a big job, and not without its challenges. So, part of Kiwi farmers’ success is to surround themselves with people who have their back; people who can offer support, advice and a shoulder to lean on when they are just not sure of the next step.

At Farm Source, their technical sales representatives (TSRs) dedicate themselves to helping Kiwi farmers succeed. They work with dairy farmers year-round, offering farming support and supplies, and in spring, they are on hand to guide farmers through their feed management plans.

A feed management plan is crucial to the success of the herd this season, right through to the next season.

A good feed management plan ensures cows keep their condition as the season progresses. A well-fed cow will produce more, better quality milk, have fewer animal health issues, and higher rates of fertility.

In comparison, a poorly thought-out feed management plan can be a major source of stress as summer dry becomes established and feed becomes scarce.

Getting help with your feed plan is a smart thing to do. Why go through it alone, when you can get trusted local advice and support at no cost to your business?

With 68 stores nationwide, Farm Source TSRs are available to visit farmers on-farm to discuss their feed management plans.

They start with reviewing each farmer’s goals, evaluating the current feed situation and what the future needs are.

Then, a tailored feed plan is created to ensure the herd maximises its outputs and is in the best condition for milk production.

Farm Source knows pasture is the main feed source in New Zealand. Their TSRs strategically use other feed types as gap fillers for pasture in a way that optimises diet through providing feed supplements , creating a balanced diet.

There can be a lot of information to sift through when you are making decisions around pasture and cropping; some helpful, some not so helpful.

A Farm Source TSR can help you separate the good advice from the bad; offer impartial, relevant advice; act as a sounding board, and help you make a plan that is right for your farm.

The TSRs work locally, in areas they are familiar with; they understand the particular climatic and topographical conditions of the region and take these into consideration when creating a feed management plan.

They also have access to a wider network of professionals when they need just a little bit more information to make the best recommendation for your farm.

Miriam and Friedmann Deuschle are sharemilkers on a farm at Mount Pirongia in the Waikato.

With the help of their TSR Jarno Sammet, the Deuschle’s have transformed their farm.

“I put a lot of value into Jarno’s opinion because the regional knowledge is a big factor in making decisions,”says Friedmann. “When Jarno gives his recommendations, they are always bang on.”

Farm Source has dairy at its core. They want to see New Zealand farmers succeed, and have fun doing it.

So rather than just doing the same thing each year, why not get another opinion? It’s in the TSRs best interest to help your business thrive.

So rather than muddle through, why not ask for help?

Farm Source is offering free, on-farm visits to discuss your feed management plan this spring.

To book a free Pasture and Cropping Plan with your local TSR call 0800 731 266, or visit Farm Source’s website.

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