A new campaign has been launched by dairy farmers to promote the health benefits of milk to the public.
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Herd of British Friesian cows grazing on a farmland in East Devon, England

Mission 4 Milk is a campaign which sets to raise awareness about how milk can be part of a healthy lifestyle.
The campaign states: “With the rise of plant-based alternatives, the reduction of free milk in schools, and the shift away from milk marketing, the average shopper doesn’t know why they should drink milk.
“But cow’s milk is packed full of essential, naturalvitamins and nutrients – many of which you won’t get anywhere else. It’s great for your bones, it’s great for your teeth, and perhaps most importantly – it’s great for your brain.”
Dairy farmer Andy Venables, who is behind the campaign, recently spoke at the British Cattle Breeders Conference on the marketing of milk.
He said he felt ‘so strongly’ that little had changed in the last decade, and decided to take matters into his own hands. He is now asking for the public, and industry, to help promote the campaign.

The launch comes as farmers use the whole of February to celebrate all things dairy and the work that goes behind the humble glass of milk.
The initiative sees the hashtag #FebruDairy as the main focal point, and farmers are encouraged to share tweets using the hashtag to help promote the dairy industry to a wider audience.
The brainchild behind the initiative, livestock sustainability consultant Dr Jude Capper, said she’s proud to work with ‘many wonderful people’ who care for their cows and produce milk and dairy products.
Last year, dairy farmers were encouraged to ‘tell it like it is’ in a dairy industry initiative to help communicate the positives of milk.

A former Fonterra consultant and a molecular biologist have teamed up to create lab-grown milk proteins without the need for a cow.

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