In this week’s podcast coronavirus fallout continues with dust mask shortages and the dairy industry in a cashflow crisis. We also look at the future of oilseed rape and find out why a sheep shearer got a visit from the police.
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Farmers and grainstore managers face a critical shortage of dust masks ahead of harvest because demand has soared due to coronavirus.

People are buying up the masks to limit the spread of the virus – making them very hard to come by for farmers who need them when working in grain stores.

Dairy farmers are to receive up to £10,000 each in government help to get them through the coronavirus pandemic.

We talk to an MP who says the crisis highlights the importance of food security and the efforts made by farmers feeding the nation.

We look into the future of oilseed rape – a break crop at breaking point? And we examine whether special offers on rapeseed are good enough for farmers to stick with it this year.

We have our latest market news – and get the low-down from an auctioneer as breeding sales return to auction marts.

A Welsh vet explains how he is taking extra care to avoid spreading coronavirus when TB testing cattle. And we find out why a sheep shearer had an unexpected visit from the local police.

This episode is co-hosted by Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom with Farmers Weekly eastern England correspondent Louise Impey.

Fat supplements are incorporated into dairy diets to provide energy and enable cows to maintain butterfat levels. Most of those used in the UK are

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