Khatiz Labaniat (Eastern Dairy) is the only dairy plant in Afghanistan's eastern region. The factory collects milk from 1,500 villagers living around Jalalabad and can process 5,000 liters of milk per day.
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“The demand for our products has never been higher and the milk supply is not enough to meet it,” Managing Director Khalid Khan Niamat told Xinhua recently. The factory packs milk for sale, but also produces cheese, yogurt and cream.

“Unfortunately due to shortage of milk and dairy farm, our dairy plant can’t meet the demand of the market,” Niamat said. “We have 20 persons directly employed here, but as many as 3,000 people work in the supply chain,” Niamat said.

The Eastern Dairy depends on cattle owners who require peace and stability to produce. “Since things became peaceful, the government has supported dairy farmers, mostly to reduce dependence on foreign goods,” Niamat said.

“The milk we sell here at the dairy plant can bring change to our living condition,” said cattle owner Mohsen Khan, who owns a few cows and hopes for boom of the dairy farming industry in the country.

“Supporting livestock and dairy farms will strengthen the village economy. The milk we sell to Khatiz Labaniat can change our lives,” he said.

Sediqullah, who works for the dairy plant, told Xinhua that it is suitable for Afghanistan to develop agriculture and farming, thus raising the people’s standard of living.

This kind of cooperation between the government and the private sector will help stabilize the economy and create jobs, local analysts said, emphasizing the importance of maintaining tranquility for reconstruction in the war-torn country. Enditem

Global economic uncertainty apparently isn’t diminishing foreign demand for U.S. cheese, according to a monthly market update from the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC). Multiple factors, especially adequate cheese supplies at competitive prices, put the U.S. in a position to continue export growth in the near term and increase its presence in the international market.

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