Fewer dairy farmers are leaving the industry despite ongoing challenges, new data from AHDB has found.
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In April 2022, there were an estimated 7,880 dairy producers in GB, a reduction of 160 producers (2 per cent) compared to last year’s survey.

Kat Jack, AHDB senior dairy analyst, said: “This is a slower rate of exit than we have seen in the previous few years, despite the high cost pressures farmers have been under since last summer.

“We have certainly seen the reaction is to produce less milk than leave the industry completely and from November onwards we have seen bigger more consistent price increases, so it is possible this has been enough to keep farmers interested in staying in the game.”

Michael Oakes, NFU dairy board chair, added the NFU’s dairy farmers intention survey found 7 per cent said they would not be milking in two years and 15 per cent were undecided, a sizeable part of the industry.

The release by Agriculture Victoria and Dairy Australia of the 245-page ‘National Guidelines for Dairy Feedpads and Contained Housing’ provides an invaluable resource to farmers across all Australian dairy regions when making decisions around feeding and housing solutions for their herds.

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