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Countries Finland |19 diciembre, 2014

Foreing trade | Finland’s largest dairy farm Finnmilk opens using an automatic rotary

Today, Finland’s largest dairy farm Finnmilk, with 600 cows, opens its doors to the public as it starts milk production with the DeLaval AMR™ (Automated Milking Rotary).

Finnmilk  was established in 2013. The shareholders are Ari Teppo, Katja & Juhani Korkiamäki and Petter Sandelin. They have experience with robotic milking since 2003 when they installed several DeLaval VMS™. Their milk yield is high with an average of over 10 000 kg.

“We did not need convincing of the benefits of robotic milking as we have been advocates of that since our DeLaval VMS™ (Voluntary Milking system)installations in 2003. We wanted to take a key step forward in keeping labour costs low even for a herd size larger than 300. We explored different options and the alternative was a 50-bail parallel rotary. For that system one would need a labour force of around 4-6 persons more, and that really was not an option for us”, says Ari Teppo, one of the farm’s owners. “Another big plus for us was our longstanding relationship with DeLaval. They really understand us and our needs”.

Globally, the number of DeLaval AMR™ farms is steadily growing as farmers see the commercial benefits of automated milking, with a reduction of labour costs and an overall improvement of lifestyle being the main triggers. This trend is clearly experienced in Finland, where dairy farmers are already familiar with these benefits being one of the early adopters’ markets. This further supports the overall prediction that by 2020 the number of farms in Finland with herd sizes larger than 300 will triple. Consequently, it is not uncommon for several farmers to pool together, as is the case with Finnmilk.

Finnmilk  large barn is further equipped with a DeLaval silo cooling tank and a barn designed for better animal welfare. Cow comfort  is a core focus area for Finnmilk  and has been incorporated into its choice of aftermarket products such as rubber covered floors, well designed cubicles, large water troughs and  swinging cow brushes in each area improving cows wellbeing, activating rumination  and increasing resting time. The cows are also given a health care program which is intended to extend cow longevity on the farm

Milking-, activity-, and cow calendar data are integrated into DeLaval DelPro™ Herd management system simplifying farm management routines significantly.

“We are very pleased that Finnmilk  is now up and running. During the last few months, we have noticed an increased interest for our DeLaval AMR™, in particular from Germany, Scandinavia, and Southern Europe but also from countries like Japan and Australia. This shows that our AMR™  is gaining traction across the globe as opposed to a few select countries, which was the case in the past”, says Robert Jensen, AMR™  Business Development Manager DeLaval. DeLaval can offer these farm sizes three types of milking system: DeLaval AMR™, a traditional parallel rotary and a 8-10 DeLaval VMS™ milking robots. Each system has its strengths and after a while it became clear that the DeLaval AMR™ carousel robot was the best option for Finnmilk.

Overview of products provided:

  • 2 animal halls ,
  • Cow hall 1,  126×36 m, 4 parts for 480 cows
  • Cow hall 2, 117x38m. Milking+ waiting area, special area for high yielding and dry cows (120 places), calving area, treatment area
  • Calf hall for 90 calves
  • Plan silos for silage, 12000 m³
  • Manure bunkers, 7000 m³
  • Buildings for TMR components


Source: DairyHerd

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