Fonterra has backtracked on an all-male panel discussion to mark International Women’s Day.
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Fonterra has backtracked and changed the make up of a panel discussion for International Women's Day after it caused a storm on social media.

The event, a panel discussion on the topic of “breaking the bias” caused a storm on Twitter last night after it was discovered the event would feature three male speakers and no women.

In a statement provided to Dairy News, Fonterra managing director People & Culture Kate Daly says the co-operative recognises that it did not get the event right.

“We have reviewed the panel and changed it to two women and one man.

“It’s important that we have both men and women talking about gender diversity so that we can all work together to overcome gender bias in the workplace,” Daly says.

“This is one of many events we have lined up for International Women’s Day. We are committed as a business to improving gender diversity and breaking down barriers that exist for women.”

State agriculture officials are expected to roll out an income replacement program soon.

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