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United Kingdom |23 marzo, 2020

Milk | Free milk for ‘those in need’

DOORSTEP deliveries are being revived as dairy farmers provide free milk to Islanders confined to home by the coronavirus outbreak.

Jersey Dairy is supplying more than 5,000 litres of long-life milk free of charge for parish authorities to distribute to those who they consider to be most in need.

The Dairy is seeing a rise in demand for this product, as it has a longer shelf-life than fresh milk.

Managing director Eamon Fenlon says that while the dairy can meet that demand, farmers are keen to ensure that people who are housebound do not lose out.

‘I have suggested that the milk should only go to those who are in real need due to the current pandemic crisis, with the parish authorities deciding who it goes to and how much they receive,’ he said.

‘We all must commit to working in a spirit of solidarity and co-operation and play our role in confronting this unprecedented challenge, a challenge that calls on us all working together to recognise and address the needs of all members of our community – and, in particular, those who are most vulnerable and marginalised.’

Anyone who is unable to buy milk because they are self-isolating or have no one to shop for them can call their parish hall to apply for a delivery.

Once the free supply has been exhausted, the dairy will continue to supply long-life cartons for parishes to deliver at a discounted price.

Dairy chairman Andrew Le Gallais said: ‘Sales of UHT milks have understandably increased as consumers stockpile food. There is a strong determination throughout the Island community to support those who might be vulnerable to the prevailing restrictive conditions.

‘Jersey Dairy is seeking practical ways to support this effort, while also ensuring that the strictest biosecurity standards are implemented from our farms to the dairy and delivery to customers.

‘Like all businesses in the Island, this current pandemic is creating all sorts of challenges which we are monitoring carefully.

‘Jersey Dairy’s key aim, as a major supplier of a wide range of fresh produce to the local market, is to ensure that our dairy products and milks are widely available and that consumers understand their nutritious value.’

Those wishing to receive free milk should contact their parish hall.

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