For the past eight months, QDO has been working with 40 of its members to review on-farm practices and develop tailored farm business plans as part of Farmers' Capabilities Project funded by the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.
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QDO’s project officers, Torie Harrison and Jacob McHugh, have a big line-up of topics and presenters organised for five workshops being held across all of Queensland’s dairying regions this month. All sessions will run from 10am to 2pm, starting on the February 24 in Malanda followed by Beaudesert (25th), Toowoomba (26th), Kingaroy (27th) and ending in Gympie (28th).

The workshops offer farmers the opportunity to hear about issues that are current and important to the future of the dairy industry including:

Dairy Industry Code of Conduct.
The Dairy Plan and the proposed structure of NewCo B.
Strategies to manage drought, low milk prices and TMR systems.
Funding assistance for farmers.
Australian Dairy Farmers president Terry Richardson and CEO David Inall will present information on the Code that came into effect on January 1. It is important for farmers to understand the processors’ and their own rights, obligations and prohibitions under the code. They will also discuss the National Dairy Plan and Joint Transition Team’s report, what it means for Queensland and the industry restructuring options for farmers to consider. QDO’s Brian Tessmann and Eric Danzi will provide insight into the impact that these national topics have on the Queensland industry.

Cowra dairy farmer and NSW Farmers Dairy Committee chairman Colin Thompson will discuss his TMR free stall operation, Silvermere Holsteins. Enduring the same issues faced by Queensland farmers, prolonged drought conditions and low farmgate milk prices, Colin will provide insight into a range of low cost practices he undertakes as part of his drought management strategies which are critical for his operation to survive the drought and to be a profitable business post-drought.

Torie and Jacob will provide important information on the assistance, grants, loans and programs available from government relevant to each dairying region.

To register, call QDO on 3236 2955.

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