General Mills has launched its first-ever coconut-based non-dairy yogurt, under the Oui by Yoplait brand.
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Image: Oui / Yoplait – General Mills

The Golden Valley-based mega food maker unveiled the dairy free versions of its French-style yogurt brand Oui in the US.
The dairy free yogurt is made using coconut milk and is available in vanilla, strawberry, mango and raspberry flavours.
The brand will market the new product in its signature glass jars with fruit at the bottom similar to its dairy counterpart.
“Oui Dairy Free brings a really thick, decadent and delicious dairy alternative in the Oui glass pot,” said Katie Erhard, senior brand manager, Oui by Yoplait.
The launch follows the brand’s efforts to add more plant-based options across the company’s international product portfolio. In March, it launched coconut milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait de Coco and almond milk-based Panier de Yoplait Végétal au lait d’Amande in France.
While popular dairy-free alternatives include almond, soya or oats, General Mills turned to coconut after conducting a market survey.
“When we talked to consumers seeking dairy-free options, time and again coconut rose to the top as the most preferred and the tastiest,” said Lynne Nathan, product developer, General Mills.
“For Oui Dairy Free, the taste is lovely, the texture is rich and creamy, and the color is bright white. It’s also complimentary to lots of different fruits, so it just seemed like a good fit,” she added.
With the launch of these innovative products, the company has finally been able to revive its sinking yogurt business, after it missed out on opportunities to explore alternatives to traditional yogurt.
In fact, as consumers’ interests in dairy-free alternatives increase, other food giants are also working to capture this new plant-based segment.
Earlier this month, Chobani announced an entirely new product range, called Chobani Oat which will feature four oat drinks—plain, vanilla, chocolate, and plain extra creamy. It also announced a range of fermented-oat yogurts available in strawberry-vanilla and blueberry-pomegranate, and Peach Coconut Crisp flavors.
Although Oui Dairy Free is currently in a limited release, it will be available nationwide in January 2020, and customers can’t wait to lay their hands on the delicious glass pots.

The delay in details being issued on the proposed dairy reduction scheme is “playing with the futures” of farm families, according to the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA).

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