German feeding equipment maker BvL is bringing its brand of total mixed rations to Canadian dairy farms.
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German feed mixer maker sets sights on Canadian dairies
German feed mixer maker sets sights on Canadian dairies - source: RealAgriculture

The Emsbüren, Germany-based manufacturer has struck an agreement with their Canadian distributor, Fergus, Ontario’s Grand River Robotics to represent and sell the company’s TMR mixers. BvL showcased their technology last month at the Canadian Dairy XPO at Stratford, Ont.

In this video interview, BvL’s Michael Wigbers notes that the company has been building feeder wagons since 1978 and its machines currently feed cows around the globe. He stresses that customization is a key feature the TMR makers brings to dairy operators. “What’s most important for us would be that it fits your barn and fits your farm. And we can pretty much make that happen.”

Wigbers notes that BvL has earned a reputation for sturdy construction. The company also touts a patented door which eliminates the need for a conveyor without compromising quality, while reducing cost. He adds that the company also manufactures many of the parts that make up its mixers at its own factory.

Another feature of BvL machines is the need for less power for operation compared to competitors, says Wigbers. He adds that the geometric design of the company’s augers makes for a “quick mix” and contributes to less wear on the machine and more economical feed production.

Up to 65,000 dairy cows a year could be culled under plans by the Department of Agriculture as they look to ‘close the gap’ on emissions.

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