Farmers across Ireland will now be able to avail of a new finance package through Glanbia Ireland’s new scheme which offers assistance in purchasing and utilising a range of calf rearing equipment.
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According to a statement from Glanbia, the scheme – titled FundEquip – will also provide “strong management advice” to farmers.

The launch of the package timely coincides with a new €1.5 million financial support scheme recently unveiled by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The scheme offers farmers 40% grant aid to help purchase calf rearing equipment such as automatic calf feeders, milk carts with mixer included and calf teat feeders.

The key features of the Glanbia Ireland FundEquip Scheme include:

  • The provision of funds to purchase calf rearing equipment, such as new technology like automatic calf feeders, through the major suppliers;
  • Funding options over three or five years;
  • Variable interest rates of 3.9% or 4.5% over the three or five-year options respectively;
  • Repayments can be deducted directly from monthly milk receipts;
  • No security is required, however, applicants must have an appropriate credit history;
  • In addition, Glanbia Ireland has a special offer worth €2,000 in place for farmers who purchase particular automatic calf feeders. The special offer includes vouchers worth €500 a year for four years for milk replacer and calf feed.

Commenting on the roll out of the scheme, Sean Molloy, Glanbia Ireland’s chief agri-business growth officer, said: “The availability of a complete package is a strong aid as many farmers will be looking at options to best utilise labour and continue to set high standards in calf management over the coming years.

Glanbia Ireland has for some time been highlighting the benefits for farmers of automatic calf feeders on labour efficiency and disease control as well as calf welfare.

“Earlier this year, Glanbia Ireland’s veterinary and technical advisory teams drew-up a new publication ‘Dairy Calf Management Guidelines’ to assist suppliers in continuing to achieve the highest standards of animal husbandry.”

Glanbia Ireland has partnered with Finance Ireland and a range of equipment suppliers to launch the new scheme which offers a full package of management advice – along with access to finance – for the purchase of calf rearing equipment.

Martin Keane, Glanbia Group’s chairman, said: “Springtime is a very busy time on farms. This modern equipment can help farmers as a strong management tool and labour-saving aid to continue to ensure that the health and welfare of animals in Irish dairy herds sets a leading standard internationally.

We are pleased to launch this full package which includes in-depth management advice and also allows farmers to spread the cost of equipment over a period of time.

Further information on the new FundEquip scheme and special offers will be available at Glanbia Ireland branches, or on the co-op’s website.

As one generation of dairy farmers see retirement on the horizon, who are the next generation farmers taking over the responsibility of feeding the world?

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