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Branded Gokul Select, the packaged milk has a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature.
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Gokul, one of the largest selling packed milk and milk-based products in Maharashtra, has launched Gokul Select, an ultra high temperature treated milk with six months shelf life in Mumbai.

The UHT treated packaged milk can be stored at room temperature. The one litre pack of Gokul Select is priced at Rs 64.

Packaged milk

Ravindra Apte, Chairman, Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh, the producer of Gokul’s new product said Mumbai is a big market and has huge cosmopolitan population with buying behaviour shifting towards milk with long shelf life for convenience.

“This trend is increasing following Covid outbreak and lockdown,” he said.

Milk sold in multilayered, brick packs in Mumbai is estimated at 5 lakh litres and Gokul eyes 20 per cent market share.

Gokul Select will soon be launched in Pune and rest of Maharashtra besides other metros including Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, Goa and other north east regions, he said.

Online sales

Gokul plans to leverage its existing dealers and retailers for distribution of Gokul Select in Mumbai. Also it aims to boost sales through online and modern trade channels to boost sales.

Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh, which owns Gokul brand is an Operation Flood cooperative dairy project established on March 16, 1963.

Currently, Gokul has a modern 15 lakh litres/day capacity dairy plant, sattelite dairy at Udgaon in Kolhapur and four company-owned chilling centres with a cumulative milk handling capacity of 6.50 lakh liters/day and packing unit at Navi Mumbai.

Fonterra has developed an innovative process for recycling water removed from milk during the evaporation process at its Maungatūroto site. The water passes through a wetland which acts as a natural bioreactor before it is treated further on site.

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