Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets It’s been a busy few months for Vermont dairy, but there are some bright spots in these turbulent times.
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Wright's Dairy Farm, Inc., recipient of 2021 NE-DBIC Marketing & Branding Services Grant

The Northeast Dairy Task Force, stimulated by Horizon Organic’s plan to end contracts with dozens of Northeast organic dairy farms, released recommendations that paved the way for a new infusion of dollars.

Last week, the USDA announced additional funding of $20 million for the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center (NE-DBIC), hosted by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. The new funds will build on NE-DBIC’s work to advance regional dairy and enable the center to make catalytic investments in processing capacity expansion, on-farm improvements, and technical services for producers.

Another ray of hope came last week when Organic Valley announced that they are prepared to offer contracts to 80 organic dairy farmers, a majority of those who currently ship their milk to Horizon and would otherwise be unable to market their milk next year.

We are grateful to all who have stepped forward to help the dairy community.

With calving underway, dairy farmers are being urged to plan ahead to combat feed shortages.

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