The Center for Dairy Excellence has three grant opportunities available for dairy producers who are looking to improve profitability, create a transition plan, or plan a major business transformation.
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Through the Center’s “On-Farm Resource Program,” the 2020-21 grants allow dairy producers to establish on-farm teams and take advantage of professional consulting resources to make strategic decisions at the farm level. A limited number of grants are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, officials said.

There are three types of team grants: dairy profit team, dairy transition team, or dairy transformation team. Each team consists of industry experts and advisers.

The center leverages funds provided through the state to provide these grants to individual farms.

n Profit teams serve as a group of advisers for the farm, addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for greater profitability. Dairy farms can receive up to $1,500 in reimbursements for paid team members and discovery-related costs.

n Transition teams help farms develop a transition or succession plan. The grant covers up to $3,500 of the cost of paid team members, discovery-related costs and attorney expenses.

n Transformation teams help producers plan and execute a major business transformation. Farms can receive up to $3,500 to establish a team to help plan and work through their transformation.

Anik Dairy, owned by dairy major Lactalis Group, has named SubhashisBasu as its new chief executive officer.

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