Dozens of young children got sick from drinking contaminated milk and now parents are taking New Britain-based Guida’s Dairy to court.
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They claim the company was negligent after discovering a cleaning agent in milk that was served in schools in Camden, New Jersey.

The attorney for some of the parents told News 8 it made more than 60 children sick with stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea. The lawyer said this company essentially poisoned preschoolers and they need to be held accountable.

“No parent should ever, ever have to get a call like that,” said Samuel Jackson, an attorney with Lento Law Group. “They’ve all been through a horrible and traumatic experience. Having spoken with many of the parents, they’re most concerned about the long-term effects.”

He said they are suing to cover medical bills and for emotional distress. He also said one parent lost her job because she had to care for her young child.

Guida’s said the following in a statement Friday:

“At Guida’s, our top priority is producing safe, nutritious and high-quality milk for the communities we serve. All quality issues are dealt with immediately as we become aware. While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we remain committed to producing top-quality dairy and meeting the highest service standards for our customers.”

With calving underway, dairy farmers are being urged to plan ahead to combat feed shortages.

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