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United States |6 septiembre, 2019

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Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is one of the biggest dairy co-ops in the United States.

DFA is now promoting a product that is a blend of almond milk (juice) and dairy milk. Dairy co-ops today are one of the many examples of criminal activity. They are supposed to be owned and controlled by the dairy farmer. I think it is time (past time) to stand together and let our co-ops and government know we are done being controlled. The co-ops are stealing our wholesome product and using it to make inferior products, so they can fill their pockets. Co-ops are not doing what they were originally designated to do.

Also, all these insurance programs established to help the dairy farmer are only Band-Aids. The politicians are blind to the real problem: Corruption in the market place. The dairy farmer needs a fair price at the farm. They pay the hauling, advertising, quality control costs, and any other costs the co-op wants to deduct from their check.

I hope the consumer realizes how the dairy farmer is being misrepresented. Grocery stores should not have nut juice in the dairy case. Now, fake milk and fake meat are coming into the picture. How disgusting.

I have been reading that people are liking this junk. All I can say is they have not drank good whole fat milk (97 percent fat free) or ate a good hamburger.

Another problem is getting whole fat milk back into our schools. There is so much red tape and steps that have to be taken to get this done.

Why did our creator give us this Earth and the resources to provide good wholesome food?

Barb Troester,

Farm Women United, board member


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