According to Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin the need for milk has drastically increased over the last few months during the pandemic.
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The annual ‘Adopt a Dairy Cow’ campaign raises funds to help Second Harvest buy milk for families and people in need.

People can adopt one of six cows from the Sassy Cow Creamery Dairy Farm in Columbus, Wisconsin. The cows can be adopted for a day, a week or the entire month.

June is dairy month and although many other events for dairy farmers have been canceled owner and operator of Sassy Cow James Baerwolf said, “I’m happy this program is still able to go on.”

Kris Tazelaar with Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin said this campaign helps them provide more milk to the people that they serve. “We know it’s nutritious, we know it’s healthy, we know people want it,” Tazelaar said.

The campaign runs the entire month of June. If you would like to ‘Adopt a Dairy Cow’ click here.

Farmers say no relief is in sight.

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