Crying over spilt milk
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REPEAT OFFENDER: Our cartoonist Bret Currie is guilty as charged...again.

How sad, to now have China supplying us with our Dairy Farmers Milk.
We must ask ourselves, as ordinary Aussie’s, why are all politicians from any colour of politics allowing China to control our ports, our farm land, our minerals?
Milk and food should be classed as essential products.
Therefore, they should come under a protected act, that stops an overseas country, (a communist one at that), from taking the control of our food, water and fibre.
Milk is used for Cheese, ice-cream, cream, butter, yoghurt and baby formula.
Until the Liberals under John Howard de-regulated the industry in 2000, our previous politicians realised that milk was an essential food, and made sure the price and production was regulated ensuring the best quality and farmer survival.
On average Australians consume 102 litres of milk per year, the consumption of cheese per person is around 13kg per year.
Today, dairy products are our 3rd largest agriculture industry with total value around $4 billion a year.
Our farmers produce the best milk in the world and lots of places want it. However, the major weakness is “uncertain policy trends.” Nothing but silence and betrayal by our politicians who have sold our dairy industry to a communist country?
Under the Liberals we have seen the destruction of an industry that is capable of becoming a massive export earner for our country, even greedy self-interested politicians could have bought shares in dairy, but no…they have just sold it out.
The total world retail value of baby formula is expected to reach $62.5 billion by 2020.
We as a country could have had a good share of that, but no.
How can the people that we elect, to look after us and our future, make decisions like this and be so incompetent?
How can they be so blind to the wants and expectations of ordinary Australians?
Have the vegans and Greenies spread their vile influence so far, that our Dairy farmers are being sacrificed.
Coles and Woolworths control 50% of the domestic sale of milk. They have driven thousands of farmers from the land.
They have ruthlessly pursued a profit at any cost mantra and no politician is doing anything about it.
The destruction of our Dairy industry is being hailed as a ‘good thing.’
How does it feel Liberals and absent National Party, to sit in Parliament and watch this happen and remain silent?
The babies of our country need formula, the elderly require milk, young children deserve and ice cream and I want double cheese on my pizza.
We should not have to ask permission, or drink inferior milk products.
Because under this current political climate, we are heading for that.
Richer Australians will be able to afford boutique milk from private dairies.
But those most vulnerable will suffer.
Thank you, current politicians, you have delivered our country a terrible blow, that will only be felt after you retire on your fat superannuation.
Debra Gibson, The Pinnacles

As U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration seeks to revive its ambitious social spending and climate plan in Congress, environmental groups and the farm industry are at odds over proposed subsidies aimed at offsetting agriculture’s substantial contribution to global warming.

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