MEET the Herefordshire farm that has partnered with others all over the world to produce high quality and ethical food.
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Herefordshire farm works with others all over the world
Wicton Farm, in Bromyard, is home to Wild Cow Dairy. Picture: Wicton Farm

Wicton Farm is home to the Wild Cow Dairy in Bromyard.

Wild Cow Dairy is made up of a group of forward-thinking individuals based all around the world.

Some are digital nomads, some animals, some are local neighbours, some are trees and others are the practical farmers who look after the cows.​

The dairy is full of individuals with integrity who are prepared to take charge and own responsibility for the food people eat.

Wild Cow Dairy cows at Witcon Farm, in Bromyard

“We quite simply believe there is no such word as “can’t”. The world urgently needs healing change with regards to how food is produced, and we know that time will wait for nobody,” said a spokesperson.​

The organisation wants people to take pride in actively knowing that they belong to an amazing farm system which is both growing the food and changing the world in a positive way at the same time, said the spokesperson.

In Bromyard it works as a small organic farm which prides itself in putting the environment at the heart of every decision it makes.

They want to create a farming system that helps heal the planet using regenerative, mindful, and sustainable methods.​

Herefordshire farm works with others all over the world 2
Witcon Farm has set up a milk and milkshake vending machine at Legges of Bromyard. Picture: Rob Davies

The cows are 100 per cent grass fed and only milked once a day.

“We want to work directly with nature; ensuring healthier soils and a more vibrant ecology where cows are allowed to be just cows,” said a spokesperson.

Now it is bringing high quality natural organic milk, milkshakes, and local farm produce to a Herefordshire town 24 hours a day.

Their eye catching purple Milkbot vending machine next to Legges of Bromyard has been providing a unique opportunity to connect people directly with where their food comes from and their local farmers.

Bega’s Better Farms Program supports eligible dairy farmers’ by offering up to $1.1 million worth of financial grants each year.

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