Thousands of cartons of milk will be going to hungry families, just in time for the holidays.
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Hiland Dairy works with Omaha Public Schools to deliver milk cartons to hungry families

Hiland Dairy worked with Omaha Public Schools to collect milk cartons from the schools and bring them over to Open Door Mission.

They’ve been doing this collection for years. All the collected milk from OPS schools is brought to eight schools. Two trucks pick up the milk from these stops.

Since OPS kids are officially on their winter break, these cartons of milk would sit in the schools and go to waste. Instead, they’re going to hungry families.

“Christmas is a good time anyway right? But at least they get a meal. They get a glass of milk which is probably one of the best drinks you can have anymore. So it’s a great effect for the community,” says Scott Barnard, District Sales Manager at Hiland Dairy Omaha Division.

They ended up collecting around 15,000 half pints of milk.


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Organic dairy farmers are in crisis due to drought, market consolidation, and skyrocketing energy and feed costs brought on by unstable global markets and inflation.

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