Past struggles, successes captured as historical publications go online.
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The history of dairy farming in the Okanagan-Shuswap has become more accessible with several historical dairy publications being put online by the BC Dairy Historical Society. (File photo).

Dairy cows and dairy farmers are jumping online in a new way.

The BC Dairy Historical Society has been busy preserving the history of the dairy industry in digital format for some time but has recently completed a new project.

The society announced that several dairy magazines published from 1930 to 1983 can now be found online.

“These publications chronicle the development of the dairy industry in the Shuswap Okanagan from the first arrival of dairy cows to the area, the formation of dairy cooperatives and construction of milk processing plants, the evolution of cream and milk transport as well as wholesale and retail distribution. There are many historical photographs, old poems and stories, interesting advertisements,” wrote Mike Yusko, the society’s web curator, in a news release.

Nominations are open for Fonterra’s board election but a repeat of the drama that rocked the vote three years ago can be ruled out.

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