A WEST Dorset dairy farm has been commended in Parliament for its approach to sustainable farming.
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Chris Loder praised Hollis Mead Organic Dairy in parliament Pic: Corin Messer/BNPS

West Dorset MP Chris Loder backed British farmers during a Westminster Hall debate – reserving specific praise for the Hollis Mead Organic Dairy farm in Hooke.

Mr Loder praised Hollis Mead during the debate for its approach to sustainable farming and high animal welfare standards.

The MP spoke about ‘the need’ to make sure farmers get a good deal for their hard work.

He said: “We have seen the “best before” date of milk in the supermarket getting closer and closer to the day we buy it. Some people say that is a problem. I believe that it is the biggest and best opportunity that our farmers have had for a very long time, because it is putting pressure on a very centralised and commercialised supply chain that supermarkets take advantage of, with considerable profit.

“Our farmers, including dairies in my constituency such as Hollis Mead, now sell their milk almost literally on the doorstep. They provide small shops with their milk, which is cheaper than if bought from the supermarket.”

Hollis Mead is one of three finalists in the Farming for the Future category of the BBC Food and Farming awards. The winner of the award will be announced on Wednesday, October 13.

A farmer’s life is always busy, but when you add in looking after the family and a sideline business as an artificial breeding (AB) technician, with a run that is spread out over many kilometres, it can become a balancing act.

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