Dairy brand Sid’s Farm announced that it has raised its milk price after two years. With the increase in the input cost and raw materials, the new prices for the half litre packs of cow milk has been increased by Rs 2, buffalo milk by Rs 3 and skimmed milk by Rs 3.
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The new prices for 500 ml milk packs of cow milk now stands at Rs 40, buffalo milk is at Rs 48 and new price for skimmed milk is Rs 30.

Sid’s Farm founder and MD Kishore Indukuri said, “The prices of raw milk in last two years have gone up by 15 per cent with fuel prices up by 45 per cent. The effects of inflation have pushed up even the prices of fodder and printing ink. All the increases together have added up to a huge rise in overall input cost, which has led us to take this call.”

The company does 6,000 tests daily to ensure the best milk reaches the consumer. This tested milk is then pasteurized, chilled and delivered directly to the customer. Spread over 2.5 acres of land, Sid’s Farm today has a 4,000 sq ft milk processing facility along with a model dairy farm in another 1.5 acres of land.

AUSTRALIA – The government of Australia has awarded funds to two local dairy companies, Purearth and Australian Consolidated Milk, in an effort to boost local milk production.

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