Australian manufacturer and exporter Jatenergy (JAT), has experienced high demand in China for its Neurio range of dairy products.
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This range is the Neurio Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin and Sialic Acid.

Lactoferrin helps to regulate the immune system, both systematically and in the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to deprive pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, of iron, which is essential for their growth and replication.

Sales of the Neurio lactoferrin brands last month equalled $3.44 million which is a significant increase from $407,000 in January 2019. In the six months ending December 31 2019, sales of all Neurio products amounted to $9.4 million.

The company attributes the growth in sales since December to the emergence of the coronavirus.

According to Jat, its distributors, including Kigobaby, have claimed the current restrictions in China will not prevent the sales and distribution of the Neurio products.

In fact, the dairy manufacturer has orders for February and March at much higher levels compared to previous periods.

Orders so far for this month are $2 million, compared to $1,099,917 in February 2019. For March 2020, orders are $1.8 million compared to just $388,714 in March 2019.

“JAT is making every effort to increase production to meet the demand,” the company told the market.

Neurio is currently being manufactured by a third party who has reported it is capable of meeting the increased orders.

This is a temporary process while the ANMA facility is being constructed but is expected to be completed later this month.

The ANMA factory has experienced an increase in orders as well. To keep up, it is increasing production to meet these orders and the expected increased level of orders over the next few months.

Reporting on its Maternity and Infant Boutique in Shanghai, the company still expects it to open in March 2020 – despite the coronavirus interruptions.

The boutique will be stocked with a range of Jat’s products including Neurio and other lactoferrin-containing products.

Overall, Jat hasn’t experienced any significant effects from the coronavirus on the sale of its products.

Despite the news, Jat is down 2 per cent and shares are trading for 4.9 cents each at 12:36 pm AEDT.

Dairy Outlook: Supply chain issues will hinder exports.

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