Kalber Dairy (Iran) presents its wide range of products in the dairy, juices and dairy powders portfolio.
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Founded in 1995, Kalber Dairy has more than 25 years of experience in producing dairy products and its group has 3 dairy factories, 2 packaging factories and a special export department, known as Kalber Export Department.

Kalber Dairy is one of the best producers of dairy products in Iran and we supply a wide range of products in the portfolio of dairy products, dairy juices and dairy powders.

In Kalber Dairy Company, factors such as the use of modern equipment and machinery imported from Denmark, Germany and Italy, advanced packaging machines, experienced and skilled managers have led Kalber Dairy Company to produce high quality products at Iran’s standard level and offer to the world and become one of the most prominent producers of dairy products in the country and have a special place in the milk and dairy products market all over the country.

Kalber Dairy has paid attention to the health of its compatriots and aimed to increase consumer satisfaction and offer various products tailored to different needs and tastes.

Taking advantage of the growth and international positioning of eDairy Market, Kalber Dairy presents in the dairy marketplace some of its Production Lines. Check out the prices:

Complete dairy production lines + INFORMATION AND PRICE:

An 85-year-old inspiration, Margaret Thompson heads into Maleny Buffalo’s dairy every day to keep her late husband Mal’s legacy alive.

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