Lameness in dairy cows can have a significant effect on a businesses' bottom line, with vets suggesting that each case has a cost implication of $400-500, made up of increased labour, vet bills, drugs and of course lost production.
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The new Te Pari Classic Hoof Handler offers excellent access for hoof paring and safe, easy access to the head, neck and body of the cow for other vet tasks.

The new Te Pari Classic Hoof Handler has been designed specifically with dairy farmers in mind by offering excellent access for hoof paring, but also providing safe, easy access to the head, neck and body of the cow for other vet tasks.

At the rear of the unit, an innovative adjustable height hoof bar provides the operator with a firm support for trimming the rear hooves, while a belly strap comfortably holds the cow safely for work on the front hooves, in combination with integral heavy-duty hoof blocks.

The hoof blocks are height-adjustable to accommodate different size cattle, as well as delivering better comfort for the operator, while also featuring a locking strap to keep the leg securely in place.

Integral heavy-duty winches feature gearing to make lifting the animal’s legs easy, while also incorporating a non-slip return system to allow proportional adjustments and a controlled release back to the ground. An optional rear belly strap is also available to offer greater support of the animal and increased safety for the operator.

Looking at the crush for general use, 6 individual side access complete animal access around the animal while it is secured or restrained, with removable lower access gates for mothering on calves.

Featuring a heavy-duty construction, using hot dop galvanised Australian steel, the Hoof Handling Crush incorporates the Te Pari Classic C1000 Head Bail used across the company’s range of crushes, with the benefits of wide opening doors, quiet operation, a simple locking system and a neck yoke for complete restraint and safety.

Designed and built by Te Pari in NZ for NZ dairy farmers, attention to detail at the design and manufacturing stages, means routine or remedial hoof work is safer and easier for farm staff or visiting professionals, with the added benefits of getting cows bak on their feet sooner and maintaining peak milk production.

Two more local dairies are getting out after another tough year.

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